MHB Digital and The Macallan at Burnin’ Pit’s 1st Anniversary Party



We recently headed over to Burnin’ Pit in Desa Sri Hartamas for their first year anniversary on 5 July 2019. The Burnin’ Pit is the first of its kind in Malaysia and is a pork-free (the outlet does serves alcohol though) restaurant and bar which features low and slow cooked meats lovingly cooked for up to 12 hours.

Popular dishes include their tender slow-cooked Wagyu or Aussie beef brisket, beef ribs, and pulled lamb among other American favourites, as well as a local twist on “Jerk Chicken” with their version of Percik Chicken!

The casual dining establishment spans two floors of a corner lot in bustling Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur, with a balcony on the first floor that’s great for watching the world go by. The ground floor is the low table dining area where you have a view of the chefs in action, while the first floor is the bar area with high-tables which is more conducive for socialising with your friends over some drinks. There is also a live band performance on certain evenings.


The ground floor features an open design with lots of glass and an environment that is both welcoming and comfortable

Congratulations to the Burnin’ Pit! Here’s to many more anniversaries to come!
The live band kept us entertained with some classic and current pop numbers
We had a great catch-up over some Macallan single malt Scotch whisky and delicious smoked meats.
Good friends, great conversations, premium Scotch whisky, delicious smoked meats, and a nice ambiance – now that’s a wonderful evening indeed!


The delicious and tender smoked meats went exceptionally well with The Macallan single malt whisky which are made with exceptional oak casks that are the single greatest contributor to the outstanding quality, natural colours and distinctive aromas and flavours of The Macallan.

The Macallan was founded in 1824 in the heart of Speyside, and was one of the first distilleries in Scotland to be legally licensed, and today is one of the world’s leading single malt whiskies.  The Macallan draws on influences of Spain, North America and Scotland, and of their respective natural raw materials, combined with traditional Scottish methods and craftsmanship.

Two years ago, I had the opportunity to meet and chat with Nick Savage, Master Distiller of The Macallan (which you can read here – who explained that the process of creating Macallan whiskies was like creating a supercar, using only premium raw ingredients, combined with intricate skills and techniques, even sourcing quality sherry and oak casks to age the whiskies in, all to create the “Ferrari of Whiskies”. So the next time you enjoy a bottle of Macallan, remember that what you’re savouring is the culmination of superior quality and tremendous skills and experience.

For more info on The Macallan, head over to



The Burnin’ Pit is located at:

24, Jalan 24/70A,

Desa Sri Hartamas,

50480 Kuala Lumpur,



Telephone: 013-399 3920



Thanks for having us!


Photo credits: Andy Kho Photography ( for MHB Digital.



Canmake Tokyo x Torikin x MHB Digital Influencer Dinner

[Beauty x Dining]


MHB Digital had an exclusive influencer dinner in partnership with Canmake Tokyo and Torikin at J’s Gate Dining, Lot 10 on 21st November 2018. The dinner was a good opportunity for our influencers to make new friends, and familiarise themselves with the new range of Canmake Tokyo products while enjoying some delicious Japanese fare by Torikin.

Nicholle Liew, Marketing Manager of Teeni Enterprise (the official and sole importer/ distributor of Canmake Tokyo products in Malaysia) shared with us that Canmake Tokyo has been in the market for 33 years and has consistently enjoyed tremendous popularity with its range of petite-price cosmetics that takes the effort out of looking pretty and fashionable.

Canmake has been in Malaysian market for 13 years with Teeni Enterprise and has since expanded and is currently available at over 150 points of sales (both offline and online) which includes Sasa, Aeon Wellness, Guardian, Aeon Departmental Store, Hermo – Online Beauty Shop, Play-Up by Parkson and Ourshop by Airasia. In 2017, Teeni Enterprise opened the first Canmake stand-alone store in Malaysia located in Damen Mall in USJ Subang.

Canmake Tokyo products are designed in petite sizes for convenience to bring around even in the smallest cosmetic pouch, or to easily fit in a handbag. The products are manufactured to the quality, made only with finest ingredients. Although the products are of high quality, Canmake’s products come with affordable price point, and are priced from RM31.90 to RM86.70 in Malaysia.



Among the products that we got to try were the:


Marshmallow Finish Base O (Oil-Block)

  • Creates marshmallow-soft, supremely touchable matte skin without feeling heavy and cakiness.
  • Makes pores less noticeable and smoothing out uneven skin texture.
  • Offers outstanding coverage to conceal skin concerns, despite its lightweight texture.
  • Non-greasy. Formulated to minimize shine, with a high proportion of low-refractive-index ingredients and an enhanced soft-focus effect.


Creamy Touch Liner – 1.5mm hyper-slim gel eyeliner

Soft, super-smooth tip

  • Glides easily onto your eyelids! The tip is formulated to be kind to your eyelids.

1.5mm hyper-slim tip

  • With such a slim tip, drawing ultra-fine lines and filling in the gaps between lashes is simplicity itself

Bold, rich colour

  • Provides perfect color with just one application, so there’s no need to go over the line again.
  • Rich color that’s just glossy enough to make your eyes stand out!

Long-lasting gel eyeliner

  • Once dry, the gel eyeliner clings to your lids and won’t smudge a bit!
  • Waterproof formulation, resistant to water, sweat, tears, and sebum.
  • Stands up to rubbing, so your make-up stays looking as fresh as it did when you first applied it.
  • Contains beautifying (moisturizing) ingredients – Squalane, jojoba seed oil, macadamia seed oil, sodium hyaluronate


Juicy Lady Liquid Cheek

Juicy color that seems to burst out from within. Fruity natural-looking color creates a lusciously translucent glow.

  • Buildable finish and easy to blend.
  • Formula designed for staying power without stickiness
  • Waterproof formulation resistant to water (cheeks only)

Long-lasting tint formulation. The color progressively develops as time goes by.

  • Non-sticky formula, so it melts into your skin right away.

Two-way formulation that you can use on your lips too!

  • You can use it on both your cheeks and your lips
  • Use on lips for matte lip color

Contains beautifying and moisturizing agents

  • Sodium hyaluronate, honey, rosemary leaf extract, soluble collagen, Rosa multiflora fruit extract, olive fruit oil, squalane, chamomile flower extract, artichoke leaf extract, arnica flower extract, pomegranate flower extract



Lip Tint Matte

Long-lasting tinted formulation that provides a fadiant matte lip color with a true-colour finish.

True-color matte finish

  • The smooth lip cream spreads easily on lips.
  • Creates rich matte lips with a true-color finish that looks just like the shade in the tube.
  • Firm tip makes the perfect sharp lip line simple!
  • Dries quickly without stickiness straight after application, so you can enjoy beautiful lip make-up without worrying about hair or clothing fibers sticking to your lips.

Minimizes the dryness characteristically caused by typical matte lip colors

  • Contains 10 moisturizing agents to minimize the drying effects.

Choose between full matte and soft matte effects by varying the amount

  • Apply lip cream generously for a full matte intensity or use just a little for a soft matte look!


Perfect Stylist Eyes

Get two styles with one pallet only!

Moist powder for a perfect fit.

  • A moist-buttery powder formulation.
  • Fine, smooth particles that cling to your lids without powder fall outs.

Create 2 different make-up looks suited to any occasion!

  • Choose your main color and alternate between the two styles, depending on your mood

Featuring 1 shimmer color

  • Use the shimmer last to add accent to the eye for more dimensional eye makeup


Transparent Finish Powder

For translucent makeup with a soft luster like an exquisite pearl, brightens the complexion from within. A face powder ideal for finishing your foundation or touching up your make-up. Combines three shades to give your skin an irrisistable aura.

Smooth finish powder with brightening effect

  • Get soft, luster, and translucent skin with smooth powder like silk and delicate pearl.
  • Hides pores and colour correcting
  • Formulated to prevent shine, dullness, or make-up run due to dryness
  • Contains shine-inhibiting powder. Absorbs sebum to prevent shine, stickiness, and make-up run.

Contains natural mineral ingredients, can wash-off with just face wash

  • Contains natural mineral ingredients that are gentle on your skin.
  • Need not makeup remover to remove product – your usual facial cleanser will be fine!
  • Surfactant-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free

Contains 11 types of beauty ingredient to prevent skin dryness and chapping

Beautifying and moisturizing agents

  • ● aloe vera leaf extract, rosemary extract, chamomile extract, lemon extract, hydrolyzed conchiolin (pearl protein extract)

Skin-toning agents

  • ● horse chestnut extract, perilla leaf extract

Emollient agents – squalane, olive oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil

  • Comes with a mirror and a puff
  • Contains natural mineral ingredients
  • Beautifying and moisturizing agents
  • No need to use a specialist cleanser


Velvety Fit Colours

Combines the advantages of a cream and a powder single-shade shadows for enchanting eyelids

Eyeshadow cream with dewy finish

  • Glides smoothly onto your finger just like a cream eyeshadow should. Just apply it onto your lids gently with your finger and it’ll cling firmly to your eyelids. (Contains Fitting Oil)

Velvety finish, like a powder

  • Despite the dewy texture, it quickly transforms into powder once applied onto eyelids.

It contains spherical powder, creating a lightweight finish that won’t feel  sticky or uncomfortable on your eyelids.

  • Despite the velvety-smooth finish, it clings tightly to your lids without powder fall outs, keeping your eyelids looking beautiful for hours!

Soft color for sophisticated eyelids

  • The gentle finish creates eyelids with a sophisticated sexiness.
  • Despite the soft shading, these colors still make their presence felt, giving your eyes added impact even when used alone.

Enjoy the differences in color intensity and shimmer between each shade

  • Each shade has a different color intensity and level of pearliness, have fun with not only the differences in color, but also your whole make-up look

Contains beautifying/ moisturizing ingredients

  • Squalane, jojoba seed oil, macadamia seed oil, sodium hyaluronate


Chef Koichi of Torikin in action at the grill preparing the yakitori

Based in Fukuoka, Torikin at J’s Gate Dining in Lot 10 Shopping Centre Kuala Lumpur has its roots in “Toricho,” a renowned restaurant in Roppongi, Ginza, Tokyo. Torikin inherited the tradition and history of Toricho, as well as its sauce that has been passed down for 60 years. Using only fresh ingredients and an original blended seasoning, Torikin’s yakitori brings out the best taste in its skewers, while keeping them simple.

Tanbakuromame kuriimu chiizu (on the left)

Sweet Black Bean Cream Cheese accompanied with crackers

A little East meets West starter here – with the creamy black bean cream cheese served with crackers! Not your typical Japanese starter but nonetheless delicious!

Yodare Dori (on the bottom)

Boiled Chicken Breast with Spicy Sesame Sauce

Boiled chicken breast is usually quite dry and tasteless however we were immensely surprised by the juicy tenderness of this one which was topped with a spicy sesame sauce!



Tori Soboro Don

Minced Chicken on rice

A very filling dish indeed topped with a beautifully cooked egg. Break the yolk into the rich and minced meat and combine for a rich and savoury main dish that’s really filling enough on its own!


Yakitori Set – 4 types of assorted yakitori

Four (4) different types of freshly grilled yakitori that really hit the mark! Goes great with some Japanese beer or whisky highball!



Matcha Tiramisu

Creamy Greentea Tiramisu

Torikin’s signature and very popular dessert which was a wonderful blend of matcha atop creamy tiramisu! Some of our influencers even had second helpings as it was that delicious!


Mitarashi Dango

Grilled Japanese Shiratama served with Sweet sauce and cream

Lovely sweet mochi grilled and served with cream – rich, chewy and sweet at the same time! A truly decadent end to a wonderful Japanese meal!


Group pic of us with Nicholle Liew, Marketing Manager of Teeni Malaysia, Koichi-san of Torikin, Yanase-san and Sharyn from J’s Gate Dining


For more info, head over to:

Canmake Tokyo: or or


MHB Digital:


Torikin is located at:

J’s Gate Dining

Unit P1-15, Level 4, Lot 10 Shopping Center,

Jalan Sultan Ismail,

50250 Kuala Lumpur,



Thanks for having us!

MHB’s 6th Anniversary High-Tea at Element Kuala Lumpur Hotel

[Special Event]


MHB ( is a digital and influencer content marketing agency which believes that digital publicity should be engaging while being affordable and cost-effective. We believe in conveying our clients’ message through ethical, high-quality, and trustworthy content in a lifestyle and non-hard sell manner that will stand out from all the junk, tabloid clutter and fake news, capturing the attention of consumers as well as providing positive brand awareness.

MHB is trusted by many brands including Montblanc, Ball Watch, Panasonic, Sony, Leica, Fujifilm, Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelry (Swatch Group Malaysia), Nivea, Chevrolet, Olympus, Lenovo, Casio, Carlsberg, Johnnie Walker, GUESS, Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss and Gucci fragrances, Givenchy, Ricoh, and many more to provide quality and ethical digital media publicity.

We also have strategic media partnerships with many top brands such as Calvin Klein fragrances (Luxasia), Kerastase, Nissan, Ice Watch, Storm London, and more! On a local level, we work with prominent brands like Celcom, Poh Kong, 1 Utama, Atria Shopping Centre, EcoWorld, Encorp, De Jouer, Beaute Library, Nomi Tomo, Shawn Cutler and numerous other brands in need of affordable yet cost-effective digital publicity.

We provide cost-effective advertising packages to suit various brands and budgets, from independent stores to SMEs, all the way to MNCs and global brands.

To celebrate our 6th anniversary, we partnered with Xiaomi, Poh Kong and Element Kuala Lumpur Hotel for a delectable ARTEASTRY high-tea at Trace, the hotel’s all day dining restaurant. The name ARTEASTRY stands for Art, Tea and Pastry, and high-tea is set against the modern, artistic features of Element Kuala Lumpur, providing an ideal combination for a weekend social gathering with family and friends. TRACE restaurant & bar is situated at level 40 of KL’s tallest eco-friendly hotel, and offers a first of its kind artistic high tea while you enjoy breathtaking views of the city skyline.

Our ARTEASTRY experience began with the arrival of a contemporary bento box, beautifully decorated with synthetic grass and black, shiny modern slates – very Instagrammable indeed! The bento box is filled with delicious morsels such as dainty savoury bites containing Waffle with Salmon and Crème Fraiche, Apple Duck in Savoury Cone, Chicken Sliders in Mini Croissant with Tomato Relish, Tomato and Basil Macaroon, Confit Portobello Mushroom and Swiss Cheese Bruschetta. A must-have during high-tea are scones, and the light and fluffy Earl Grey Tea infused Scones at TRACE are served with clotted Cream and Strawberry Jam.



The dessert is the highlight of the ARTEASTRY experience, and sets this high tea apart from the typical presentation of buffet spreads or three-tiered cake stands. “The Red Splash” dessert is literally splashed on your table. The chef places a white chocolate sphere and paints an edible artwork on the table with drops and strokes of Framboise a la Mascarpone, Raspberry Confit, Raspberries, Meringue Sticks, Vanilla Soil, Sponge Fingers and Mango Chutney on a piece of “newspaper-like” food grade paper.  To end the performance, we got to pick the white chocolate sphere and drop it in the middle of the art piece, creating a delectable mess on the table.

The ARTEASTRY is priced at RM128nett for 2 persons, and is available on weekends (Saturday & Sunday), from 1.00pm to 5.00pm at the TRACE Restaurant and Bar, in Element Kuala Lumpur.


With our Managing Editor Tim Chew and official photographer Andy Kho in the middle


The event was supported by Poh Kong who provided us with beautiful pearl necklaces


Mi A1


The event was also supported by Xiaomi who provided us with their latest model – the Mi A1. The Mi A1 runs on stock Android to offer a high-quality software experience designed by Google, underscoring Xiaomi’s commitment to providing more choices for users. Priced at RM999 in Malaysia, the Mi A1 is a beautifully-designed device that combines hardware innovations, including an optical zoom dual camera setup, with great Google-designed software.

Mi A1 incorporates a dual camera configuration similar to that in Mi 6, Xiaomi’s latest flagship device, with wide angle and telephoto lenses used to incredible effect. The two lenses allow Mi A1 to calculate what is in the foreground and what is in the background, creating a depth-of-field effect that typically requires a DSLR lens to achieve, allowing the user to create photos of unparalleled clarity and colour. In addition, an improved Beautify mode that makes selfies look more natural, now works with the both the front 5MP camera as well as the 12MP dual rear camera. Mi A1 supports 2x optical zoom, which makes photos of distant subjects remain clear, while 10x digital zoom is also supported.

While all that sounds pretty good on paper, how does it perform in real life? So we decided to snap some pics using the phone’s front and back cameras during the high-tea to see the results.

Here are the photos we shot with the Mi A1. Click on the individual photos to open a larger version.



Although it was a rather cloudy day, we were surprised to find that the indoor photos taken in the restaurant were sufficiently exposed, rendering bright and realistic colours as well as the option to be more artsy with the bokeh feature. The contrast and level of details were also pretty impressive for a mid-range smartphone, as seen in the photos of the pool.

The rear camera produced some very natural looking skin tones when shooting people, and even bokeh for portrait shoots. The girls were also impressed that the front camera allowed for decent selfies with an auto-beautify function – something every influencer loves.

Mi A1 is Xiaomi’s first Android One phone, with a software experience designed by Google, offering users a simple, pure Android phone that stays fresh over time with OS upgrades. As an Android One smartphone, Mi A1 comes with the most popular Google services built-in as default, such as free unlimited high quality storage from Google Photos.

Available in Black, Gold and Rose Gold, Mi A1 has an attractive full-metal body design that measures just 7.3mm in thickness, with discreet separation lines for a seamless look and rounded edges for great hand feel. It also comes with a rear fingerprint sensor.

Featuring a 5.5-inch 2.5D curved glass screen featuring Corning® Gorilla® Glass protection, Mi A1 also boasts a 10v power amplifier for deeper lows and higher volumes, ensuring it provides an immersive media experience. A dedicated amplifier also provides support for high-impedance headphones (up to 600 ohms).

Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor based on the 14nm manufacturing process, as well as a 3080mAh battery, 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage making it a real value for money mid-range smartphone indeed!


Tech Specs & Features:

  • Premium full-metal body
  • Dual camera, optical zoom:
  • 12MP wide angle + 12MP telephoto
  • Exceptional portrait photography with background blur
  • Beautify, for natural selfie enhancements
  • 5MP front camera
  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 625 with 14nm FinFET technology (Octa-core 2.0GHz)
  • 4GB RAM + 64GB internal storage
  • Up to 128GB microSD expandable storage
  • 5.5-inch full-HD Corning® Gorilla® Glass display
  • 3080mAh battery, USB Type-C port
  • Rear fingerprint sensor
  • IR blaster, with Mi Remote App
  • Dual SIM (3-choose-2 hybrid SIM tray)
  • Dimensions: 155.4 x 75.8 x 7.3mm
  • Weight: 165g
  • Available in Black, Gold and Rose Gold
  • Stock Android


For more info, head over to:

Element Kuala Lumpur – or telephone 603 2771 3351 or email

Xiaomi –




Dior Opens Its Doors in Suria KLCC

[Luxury Fashion]



We headed over to Suria KLCC on 1 December 2016 for the official launch of the new Dior boutique which is the House’s second in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The new boutique, which has a prime location in Kuala Lumpur’s iconic Suria KLCC mall, has been designed to reflect the legendary elegance and modernity of the world of Dior.

The boutique takes inspirations from the original Paris flagship on Avenue Montaigne, and provides a sleek and open environment. The store houses women’s ready-to-wear, accessories, shoes, a special area for handbags, and the quintessential dedicated VIP area and fitting room. The decor features lustrous, monochromatic details, dramatic accents of chrome and glass and sumptuous furnishings, reflecting the timeless elegance of Dior within a modern and extremely sophisticated setting.

A number of specially-chosen art pieces from prominent international artists can be viewed in Dior KLCC – as Christian Dior was a patron of the arts. The ready-to-wear area, with its cabochon floor, is the perfect home for the hurricane mirror by Fredrikson Stallard as well as a cityscape credenza by the eminent American artist Paul Evans and a stool by Thierry Lemaire. The artist Oyoram created a video installation specifically for the new location.












The Dior boutique in Suria KLCC is located at:

LC-G01& G23b, Ground Floor, Suria KLCC,

Kuala Lumpur City Centre,

50088 Kuala Lumpur,



Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday (10:00am To 10:00pm)

Photo credits: Dior Malaysia and author’s own

Nomi Tomo Sake Bar Review




Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers’ members Stephanie Lim, Kate Lee, Sharon Loh, as well as our official photographer Andy Kho and Managing Editor Tim Chew headed over to Nomi Tomo in Plaza Damansara recently to try out the new establishment’s wide range of sakes.

The sake drinking scene in Kuala Lumpur has changed with the addition of Nomi Tomo Sake Bar to the food and beverage scene in Damansara Heights. Finally, KL-ites and sake lovers have an avenue to enjoy various types of sakes, including some flavoured ones which the fairer sex finds pretty irresistible.

Nomi Tomo, which means “Drinking Buddies” in Japanese, was established in 2015 by four (4) drinking buddies turned partners who first met in Melbourne. However, back in Kuala Lumpur, they discovered that it was pretty difficult to find quality sake hence they decided to open their own sake bar and import in various brands of sake from Japan. Thus Nomi Tomo Sake Bar was born and it is Kuala Lumpur’s very first sake specialty bar, with wide range of sake and some food items to go along with it.

Nomi Tomo is located in Plaza Damansara in Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur and occupies two (2) shoplots on the upper floor of the row of shoplots near the Maybank branch. It stays true to the concept of a sake bar, and is an ideal venue for casual get-togethers, after-work drinks, or special occasions such as birthday/ anniversaries or even company events.


MHB's Kate Lee, Stephanie Lim and Sharon Loh

MHB’s Kate Lee, Stephanie Lim and Sharon Loh

The interior is dark and cosy

The interior is dark and cosy


The various sakes available are displayed on the walls with the product info and price detailed beside it

The various sakes available are displayed on the walls with the product info and price detailed beside it

Take your time and browse through the large selection

Take your time and browse through the large selection




Not a sake drinker? Nomi Tomo serves Japanese beers as well!

Not a sake drinker? Nomi Tomo serves Japanese beers as well!

Not forgetting Japanese whiskies such as Yamazaki

Not forgetting Japanese whiskies such as Yamazaki

Awaiting us at the table were various bottles of sake

Awaiting us at the table were various bottles of sake


We were given an introduction to sake and its variants by the principal from Japan

We were given an introduction to sake and its variants by the principal from Japan


Sake has played a central role in Japanese life and culture for the past 2,000 years, and there are many different varieties of sake, which can be enjoyed either warm or chilled, depending on the season. Sake is a fermented beverage made primarily from rice. It is brewed using a microorganism called koji along with yeast. Sake’s alcohol content varies from 15% to 20%. It takes pristine water to make sake, and brewers take advantage of the various kinds of natural water available in Japan to make only the best. 

The oldest writings on Japanese sake can be found in some third-century annals of Chinese history. These records state that the Japanese have a “fondness for sake” and are “in the habit of gathering to drink sake when mourning the dead.” There are also several stories about sake, some mythical, noted in the historical records compiled by the eighth century Japanese imperial court. The Fudoki, an ancient record of provincial history during this era makes reference to sake brewed using mold and provides a unique glimpse into how sake made with rice and koji was once produced.

The tenth century law book entitled Engishiki details ancient sake-making methods used at a time when sake was produced mainly at the imperial court, either to be drunk by the emperor or for ceremonial use. Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples began brewing sake in the 12th to 15th centuries and it is from this period that the techniques for modern day sake brewing was born.

The Japanese sake brewers were so advanced that a pasteurization process dubbed hi-irewas was used in the sake making process long before Louis Pasteur was even born. During this process, pressed sake is heated to 64 degrees Celsius before being stored in containers. The heat kills any bacteria and halts all enzyme activity to bring out a more mature flavor in the sake.

Today, sake makers in different regions of Japan utilize their skills and assets to cultivate new varieties of sake rice and unique types of sake yeast to be used in fermenting sake for the modern era.





These are the different types of sake as detailed by the Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association.

Ginjo (吟醸)

Ginjo-shu is made with rice grains from which more than 40% of the outer layer has been removed by milling. Fermentation occurs at lower temperatures and takes longer. Distilled alcohol equivalent to up to 10% of the weight of the polished rice may be added.

It has a fruity fragrance, called ginjo-ka, with a light, that is low in acidity. “Light” does not simply mean “mild” or “diluted.” The sake should also have a smooth texture (mouth feel) and a good aftertaste.

The specific characteristics of ginjo-shu vary by brewer, with the more fragrant varieties designed to highlight ginjo-ka and others designed with more emphasis on flavor and less on ginjo-ka.


Daiginjo (大吟醸)

Daiginjo-shu is a form of ginjo-shu made with even more highly polished rice from which at least 50% of the outer layer of the grain has been removed. It has an even more refined taste and stronger ginjo-ka than ginjo-shu.


Junmai, Tokubetsu junmai (純米・特別純米)

Junmai-shu and tokubetsu junmai-shu are made only from rice, koji and water, highlighting the flavor of the rice and koji more than other varieties. There are no requirements regarding polishing ratio. Junmai-shu is typically high in acidity and umami, with relatively little sweetness.


Junmai ginjo (純米吟醸)

Because ginjo brewing techniques are used in making junmai ginjo-shu, the acidity and umami are toned down and there is a clear ginjo-ka.


Junmai daiginjo (純米大吟醸)

Junmai daiginjo-shu is regarded as the highest-grade sake. The best products in this class deliver a good blend of refined taste with acidity and umami.


Honjozo (本醸造)

In honjozo-shu, the emphasis is on flavor and there is little ginjo-ka or aging‐induced aroma. It has a reasonable level of acidity and umami and rather than asserting the aroma and taste of the sake itself, it helps to bring out the taste of food.


There are also other sake varieties are also distinguished by brewing method and to read more about them you can head over to the website –


Now here’s a look at the numerous variants of sake that we had.


Asahi Shizo

Dassai Junmai Daiginjo Migaki Niwari Sanbu

One of the top ranking sake in Japan. The fruity bouquet offers apple, peach and nashi pear. It’s both vivid and sensuous. The initial impression is that of the clean flavour with an aftertaste that combines the sweetness of fruit with a soft mellowness.Dassai “Ni-wari San-bun” junmai daiginjo is the sake that defines Dassai. It is made with rice that has been milled so that only 23% of the original size of the grains remains, this is the highest degree of milling of any sake in the world. Going to this extreme allos the brewers to create a sake like no other, a sake that is the pinacle of refined elegance, subtlety, and delicate flavors and aromas.


Dassai Junmai Daiginjou Migaki Sanwari Kyubu

The top notes are much similar to Dassai Junmai Ginjou 45% but as it strikes the tongue and the palate, layers of fragrances open up. Soft, Sweet scents of Cotton Candy, hints of Banana, Japanese Pears. The mid palate gives a crisp, clean, dry taste. Very smooth, clear and refined sake. Excellent harmony of flavour and scent. Short, clean finish. Excellent overall well balance.


Dassai Junmai Daiginjou

Light, balances, clean and easy drinking, this sake is a star. It’s wonderful for beginners to get into sake and fantastic for others to simply enjoy. There are wonderful fruits on the palate without coming off to sweet. Pours with a clear body iwth strong legs. Aroma is very nice. Quite sweet and fruity with peaches, strawberries, jasmine, ginger and orange blossoms. Taste is sweet, stone fruit, light ginger. Very low level of koji presence. Nice and thick body. Dry Velvety mouthfeel, A pretty awesome Daiginjo.


Dassai Happo Nigori Shu 360ML/720ML

Went into second fermentation process after bottling resulting to this dry Junmai Ginjou base sprakling “Nigori” sake. Very similar to Sparkling Wine, has a rich flavour of sake in the midplate, followed by the delicate, crisp taste and fruity scents of Junmai Ginjo. Very enjoyable, easy to drink and pair with various types of dishes. “Strong bouquet of muscat grapes leads you to expect a sweet desert wine, when in fact the flavour is a light refreshing sake. “(Celler Tracker).


Hamakawa Shoten

Bijoufu Junmai Daiginjo Shizukuhime

Elegant, lively floral aroma even more distinguished when drunk, Sweet entrance followed by good amount of umami and acidity. Clean and crisp dry aftertaste. Excellent to have with marinated dishes, vegetable salad with light sesame oil dressing or olive oil with a little bit of soy sauce mixed with mayonaise.


Bijoufu Junmai Daiginjou Hina

Best quality sake rice “Yamadanishiki” grown from the town of Tojo Cho, Hyogo Prefecture. It has 45% polished to obtain the Daiginjou Category. Well balakced character. The flavour offers an excellent balance of sweetness, acidity, richness and bitterness. A very pleasant, focused, rich finish with touches of nutty, chestnut scents in the background. A well rounded type of sake that one will keep on drinking.


Bijoufu Junmai Ginjo Junrei Tama

A wonderful type of Junmai Shu using Akebono Ric that is polished to 60%. It has a rich umami taste with an excellent balance of acidity and sweetness. Soft feeling with a pleasant, clean aroma in the background. Dry with a comforting kick in the middle. Ends up very smooth retaining its well balance flavour.


Bijoufu Tokubetsu Junmai

A wonderful type of Junmai Shu using Akebono Rice that is polished to 60%. It has a rich umami raste with an excellent balance of acidity and sweetness. Soft feel with a pleasant, clean aroma in the background. Dry mid-palae and ends up very smooth retaining its well balance flavor.


Bijoufu Tokubetsu Honjozo

A new style of Honjouzo sake from Bijoufu created specially for warming and to enjoy drinking it with food. Using Matsuyamami sake rice grown from Matsuyama area, polished to 60%, a standard only applied to a category of Ginjou. It has a pleasing moderate sweetness of the rice used when warmed with layers of floral, soft notes. Soft sweetness first hit the palate followed by a gentle fruits fragrance when serve chilled. Well balanced character and makes a perfect harmony with all types of dishes.


Bijoufu Ginjo Shuwa!

A dazzling, elegant type of Ginjou sparkling sake. Exremely refreshing with herby, fruity notes. Sweet taste for the first sip followed by crisp, clean aroma with dry midpalate. The finish is exceptionally clean. Very impressive type of sparkling sake for any type of celebration. Excellent for appertif.


Bijoufu Yuzu

Sake based Yuzu liquor made from Kouchi grown Yuzu fruit blended with honey. Extremely refreshing taste with the dominant fragrance of Yuzu. Low in alcohol and is ver y easy to drink. Best recommended to serve after meal or just  to have a simple drink. While relaxing, can be serve straight on the rocks mixed with warm water or with soda.


Bijoufu Yuzu Shuwa!

Very refreshing taste of Yuzu will greet one’s nose at the start. Followed by zesty, tangy, flavour. Clean, alluring fragrance of the fruits lingers even after you drink it. Very good balance of sweetness of honey and sourness of Yuzu accented by the light savory character of the Sake used. Very addictive one cannot stop by just one glass.


Bijoufu Ponkan

Juicy, high quality Ponkan fruits grown in Kochi Prefecture, the place that is famous for citrus fruits produce. Shochu base with honey. Fresh, pure ingredients with no preservatives. Best to recommend for health conscious and people on a diet. Low alcohol content and excellent to serve on the rocks, with crushed ice, can be mised with vanilla ice cream on the blender like smoothie! Perfect for parties!


Nakao Jozo

Seikyo Junmai Takehara

A well balanced flavour somewhat sweet in the middle but soon fades in the end. This sake has been an old favourite among sake drinkers. Goes along well with various kinds of dishes.


Seikyo Junmai Omachi

Bigger shinpaku or rice core “Omachi Rice” and a softer delicate texture requires technique and extra care when used for brewing. It takes greate care and once perfectly brewed, it results to a very very balanced, unique charactr type of sake. Seikyou Junmai Omachi is the outstanding result of this wonderful Sakamai with a soft taste on the first impression followed by dry mid palate that spreads out sending a good notes of soft floral fragrance. Leaves with a distinctive savory mineraly taste. Clean and crisp. Tasty palate with a good balance of acidity. Best to serve both very chilled or warm.


Seikyo Maboroshi Junmai Ginjo

This Junmaishu was made with lots of care. Using the special method of Kome Kouji making, it was processed paying attention to excellently combining it’s flavour and taste. The brewer used Hattanishiki Rice. It is light and fresh on the first stage, then it will gradually become stronger and a little vigorious in the middle. The tail doesn’t linger for a long time. A very tasty kind of sake which anyone will be going to like.


Seikyo Tokubetsu Honjozo Chokarakushi

This sake has a clear cut taste when served chilled, you could never notice it’s dryness when served warm. This sake is quite full but light in taste and is excellently goes with all types of food. Shinsenbon Rice that is originally from Hiroshima was used for brewing this sake. This rice is quite strong that it could stand the hot temperature of rice milling process. This pure quality of rice is very popular in Hiroshima.

Seikyo Junmai Sparkling

Soft fruity citrusy fragrance like grapefruits, orange peel, Japanese Pear on the first impression. Light refreshing, crisp, grainy, a bit dry in the midpalate. Very distinct umami that fades slowly after the first sip. Very elegant, good looking sake when served in a flute glass and very chilled. Refreshes one’s palate after having some rich food without overpowering the savoriness of the dishes.


Seikyo Maboroshi Daiginjo

Full body flavour. Has a prominent fragrant of apple because the yeast used to produce this sake is made from apple skin. Very easy to drink. The end taste doesn’t linger for a long time so it makes the drinkers want to drink for more.


Seikyo Maboroshi Junmai Daiginjo Black

Won the First Prize at the National Competition in 1948 and was the next three years selected for the Imperial New Year Celebration. Has been brewed since then in the same traditional way by hand. Uses the traditional “Apple Yeast” of the brewery. This unblended sake is the highest peak of the Nakao Sake Brwery. Received the golden medal in the category of Sake of the International Wine Challange in 2007. Is only sold in November each year.


Shindo Shuzoten

Gasanryuu Daiginjo Kisaragi

Total balanced in flavour and aroma. Excellent character. Gentle, setled nose. Soft mouthfeel with light umami in taste. Clear and fresh ending.


Gasanryuu Junmai Daiginjo Fukurodori Gokuzuki

Soft palate, brilliant, glorious fruit bouquet, hints of notes and lemon drops. Well rounded flavour with good balance of sweetness and umami. Distinctive ricey flavour. Crisp and very clean ending.


Gasanryuu Junmai Fuka

Made from Miyamanishiki Rice. Appealing, gorgeous notes of flower bouquet and green. Full body with prominent flavour. Fermented in a very low temperature. Best to serve either chilled, on the rocks or warm to 45 °C


Gasanryuu Honjozo Koka

 “Kouka” means “Flower Scent” in English. Has a very nice, lively aroma, elegant, fresh notes of flower boquet, well balanced flavour. International Wine Challenge 2010 winner for Honjouzo category.


Nomi Tomo also serves some food items to go along with the sake.



There are various types of yakitori including:

Ribeye – RM15

Chicken Wings – RM9

Chicken Thigh – RM5

Pork Belly – RM7

Tiger Prawn – RM7

Bacon with enoki – RM6

Okra – RM5

Sirloin – RM13



The potato salad (RM10.00) was a big hit among the girls which was surprising considering that it’s pretty much all carbs. Perhaps they were pretty hungry ha ha!




Plain Salad with Goma Sauce (RM10.00) for girls who are watching their diets. The guys didn’t particularly take to this one.


There are also other dishes such as salads, donburi, chicken meatballs, and edamame to go along with your drinks. Although the menu isn’t very big, the food quality is good and well prepared. Enough to fill up your tummy prior to a drinking session or provide you something to much on while you’re having drinks.

Apart from sake, Nomi Tomo also serves Japanese whisky like Yamazaki, shochu and Japanese beers in case not all your friends are sake drinkers.

The sake introduction and appreciation session at Nomi Tomo really gave us a new perspective towards this drink. BTW Nomi Tomo is also an official importer of many of the sakes above so if you’d like to carry them at your establishment or restaurant you can contact them for more info.


Somehow we managed to finish all the sake!

Somehow we managed to finish all the sake!



Many thanks to Nomi Tomo for hosting us!

Many thanks to Nomi Tomo for hosting us!


Nomi Tomo is located at:

3rd Floor, 2-2 & 4-2 Jalan Medan Setia 2,

Bukit Damansara,

50470 Kuala Lumpur,



Telephone: 03-2011 2839





Operating Hours: 6.30pm to 2.00am from Mondays to Saturdays


Food Review – Supperclub KL @ TREC




We headed over to Supperclub KL recently to try out their newly revamped menu. Supperclub is an upscale Gastrobar and Lounge, and was one of the first tenants in the Electric Boulevard or Phase 1 of TREC, which  is the country’s first and only purpose-built, urban F&B, lifestyle and commercial destination.

After some months in operation, Supperclub noticed that TREC lacked a F&B establishment which offered diners a premium dining experience and thus engaged the services of an experienced international chef to revamp their menu to meet that need. We were very honoured to be one of the first to try this new menu!

Supperclub KL has a few different sections for diners to choose from – the al fresco section outside if you like people watching while having a drink or some light bites, the island bar section if you like watching the bartenders in action, the high table section which is great if you’d like to have some drinks in an aircon environment, and the low table dining area which is more conducive for dinner.




Signature Oyster shooters – RM32.00 (minimum order of 3 shots)

This one is for oyster lovers! A fresh oyster swimming in a shot of ABSOLUT vodka and spiced tomato juice. 



Salmon with Guacamole – RM28.00

A bit of a fusion of flavours here with the Tex-Mex guacamole paired with slices of salmon and topped with caviar! 



The Scallop Ceviche – RM32.00

An appetiser which is spicy, piquant and sweet at the same time! This dish will definite whet your appetite for the mains to follow.



Grilled Eggplant with Ruffalo – RM32.00

This was Kelly’s favourite appetiser! The combination of eggplant with the creamy Ruffalo cheese and green pesto sauce was a match made in heaven.

Kelly really liked this dish!

Kelly really liked this dish!



Seafood risotto with fresh mussels, octopus, clams, squids, scallops & tiger prawns – RM38.00

This was a very hearty dish indeed that had a generous amount of seafood hidden underneath. The flavourful risotto rice was cooked with a tomato base and paprika, giving it a lovely red tint. 



Squid Ink Tagliatelle

Homemade black flat pasta served with fresh scallops, broccoli & cherry tomatoes. The plump and juicy scallops were a hit among the girls.



Foie Gras Pasta

A somewhat unusual combination that turned out to be surprisingly delicious!




Lobster Salad – RM288 for whole lobster/ half lobster for RM148

The most expensive item on the menu. A beautifully cooked full/ half lobster with some greens and pieces of mango to balance the overall flavours of the dish. The lobster flesh is so sweet and succulent that you won’t even need the sauce that comes with this dish.




Lobster cooked two ways

The lobster tail is roasted, while the claws are broiled and served with Rouille sauce, served with a side salad and French fries. Again the chef showcased his prowess for cooking lobster with this gorgeous offering!



Grass Fed Angus Beef

Choice of Rib Eye – RM108 for 300gm or Tenderloin – RM132 for 300gm

served with black pepper sauce (other sauces available too)

Do yourself a favour and order this medium rare to fully enjoy it.  The tenderloin was perfectly cooked – ensuring that the meat was juicy, tender and flavourful. A perfect treat for a meat eater.




To end the meal we had two desserts, the first of which was the tiramisu which was creamy and had a nice coffee flavour.



Creme Brulee

Stephanie’s favourite dessert. Creamy and with a crispy sugar top that’s beautifully caramelised.



Enjoying some cocktails after the decadent meal

Enjoying some cocktails after the decadent meal

We stayed on to chill and enjoy some cocktails after dinner

We stayed on to chill and enjoy some cocktails after dinner

You can move over to the higher tables for a more bar experience after dinner

You can move over to the higher tables for a more bar experience after dinner

A nice place to chill over some drinks like draught beers, cocktails, liquor, wine or even champagne!

A nice place to chill over some drinks like draught beers, cocktails, liquor, wine or even champagne!

The establishment transforms into a club later into the night so you can just stay there and party

The establishment transforms into a club later into the night so you can just stay there and party


All in all, Supperclub KL is a welcome addition to the F&B scene in Kuala Lumpur, with its multi-concept offering and delicious premium dining options. Supperclub is also great for special occasions such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve and they have a special Christmas Eve menu specially for the night.


Supperclub KL is located at:

Lot 12-14, Electric Boulevard, TREC,

Jalan Tun Razak

50400 Kuala Lumpur

Telephone: +603-2110 0866




Operating Hours: 5.00pm to 3.00am daily


Photos shot by our official photographer Andy Kho (

MHB Visits 香港热锅 Hong Kong Hot Pot Restaurant Bangsar Baru


Hong Kong Hot Pot Restaurant Bangsar KL (58)


MHB was recently invited to try out the newly opened 香港热锅 Hong Kong Hot Pot Restaurant which is the latest addition to the very diverse plethora of food outlets in the swanky neighbourhood of Bangsar Baru in Kuala Lumpur. The 香港热锅 Hong Kong Hot Pot Restaurant is somewhat hidden from view, being located on the 2nd floor of Telawi Square. However its strategic located of being at one of the busiest intersections in the Telawi area, above Tous Le Jours and across from Bangsar Village II where parking is aplenty makes it a very accessible location indeed.

The restaurant serves traditional Hong Kong style steamboat and features fresh ingredients with the meatballs actually made in-house and not the frozen supermarket type. You also get to choose from a number of different broths to cook the ingredients in. Accompanying the meals is a selection of  condiments and sauces, and you can wash everything down with bottled beers and even sake!


The variety of condiments and sauces to go along with the meal
The variety of condiments and sauces to go along with the meal


Read the full review at


香港热锅 Hong Kong Hot Pot Restaurant is located at:

Lot 9 & 10, Level 2, Telawi Square,

Jalan Telawi 3,

Bangsar Baru

Kuala Lumpur,



Telephone: 03-2280 0242

More info at香港热锅-Hong-Kong-Hot-Pot-Restaurant-484963568365709/


Hong Kong Hot Pot Restaurant Bangsar KL (1)


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“From Hong Kong with Love” Featuring Amanda Wan at Tujo




Tujo Bar-sserie & Grill features Feel Good Food in the menu with the highlight being the all new Grill with a selection of meats and seafood cooked to your liking coated with customised rubs and marinades for that added zing to the palate.

There’s also a choice of salads, nibbles, pizzas, sandwiches, main courses and desserts available. Delicious Drinks are Tujo’s award winning mixologists’ promise to its patrons and features an extensive array of giggle juice ranging from cocktails, wines, champagnes, beers, spirits, detox drinks, coffees and teas. 

We headed over to Tujo on 17 February 2016 for the special “From Hong Kong with Love” event featuring Amanda Wan, a mixologist specially flown in from Hong Kong, where she works as the Beverage Development Manager for Tastings Group. Amanda presented her cocktail submission to the Bacardi Legacy Global Cocktail Competition entitled Constance – an elegant creation pays tribute to a bartender’s persistence and dedication to their craft, doing what they do, every day, every week, month and year. It exemplifies the beauty of constancy, hence the name of her cocktail, Constance.

The special Constance was priced at RM20++ per glass, and there were also some specially created makis to pair with the cocktail : Unagi Bananarama or Assorted Nigiri Sushi at RM38++, and Mediterranean or California Rolls at RM25++.



Amanda’s first foray in the beverage business was as a barista in 2005. As her appreciation for coffee grew, so did her interest in spirits. She soon moved from working with beans and brews, to spirits and liqueurs. She joined the now defunct 7atenine at Ascott Kuala Lumpur in 2006 as a bar back and learned under the tutelage of Frankie who was then the Bar Captain. She pursued a Bachelor’s degree in International Hotel and Tourism Management whilst she worked.

Despite a grueling schedule of work and school, Amanda graduated class valedictorian in 2009, and earned First Class Honours on her dissertation, the “Evolution of Mixology”. Within a year of graduating, Amanda became the first female bartender to represent her country, Malaysia, at the DIAGEO Global World Class Bartender of the Year Competition in 2010. In 2014, she was named Top 25 Bartenders in Hong Kong by Drinks World Asia. Today, Amanda is a top 8 finalist, in the prestigious Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition in Hong Kong & Macau.

“Coming back to KL, back to the exact space where I started my career as a mixologist is bitter sweet. I get a sense of deja-vu, it’s familiar yet different. The biggest difference is the absence of my mentor, the reason I am who I am today……Frankie P. Anthony.” remarks Amanda Wan with a sense of nostalgia.


Elaine and Jocelyn

Elaine and Jocelyn

Pretty Bacardi girl

Pretty Bacardi girl


Elaine with Constance

Elaine with Constance


Tujo is located at:

Ascott Kuala Lumpur,

No.9, Jalan Pinang,

50088 Kuala Lumpur,



Telephone: 03 21617 789, 012 210 3055 (reservations) / 03 21627 789 (general)






Photos shot by Andy Kho ( using the FUJIFILM X-T10.

More info at

Martell La French Touch Party (2016)




After being rather quiet for some time, Martell V.S.O.P started 2016 with a bang with the first ever Martell La French Touch Party in Kuala Lumpur. Headlining the event which was held at KL Live on 16 January 2016 was Joachim Garraud – one of the most influential pioneers in the electronic dance music scene and a Grammy Award nominee. Also playing at the party were the golden DJ couple Joey G and Patricia Knudsen; Hip Hop International World Bronze Medalist, Elecoldxhot; as well as ​artists from famed local DJ community – Play for Passion.




Martell celebrated the evolution of the French music movement in the last decade with the creation of the limited edition La French Touch by Martell, which was on display and also served to guests at the party.  This new limited edition features a glow-in-dark, neon blue bottle created in a partnership with Etienne de Crécy, pioneer and emblematic figure of the electronic music movement. Etienne de Crécy popularised French House music, a genre that came to be known as ‘the French Touch’.




“Designing, producing, and putting a bottle of Martell VSOP under the spotlights. There’s something both elegant and exciting about that.” commented Etienne de Crécy.

“For this bottle I needed a dark, deep and dense background, in order to get the neons to vibrate. The famous Martell blue seemed the obvious choice. Especially as the colour also symbolizes night time, with all its electricity and its attractions,” he shared.

The graphic design of the electric lines evokes the Cube, equally emblematic for the French Touch and Etienne de Crécy, reminiscent of a music studio or of the center stage of a night-club or an art gallery, where one is throbbing to the beat of a musical performance.

‘It came naturally. The neon was getting further away, fading out, and suddenly a rhythm appeared. It was both really abstract and really powerful. An almost musical form, strong and sensitive, which everyone can interpret in their own way,’ concluded Etienne.




Patricia K and Joey G on the decks (photo courtesy of Martell Malaysia)
Patricia K and Joey G on the decks (photo courtesy of Martell Malaysia)
Elecoldxhot in action (photo courtesy of Martell Malaysia)
Elecoldxhot in action (photo courtesy of Martell Malaysia)
Joachim Garraud (photo courtesy of Martell Malaysia)
Joachim Garraud (photo courtesy of Martell Malaysia)
Joachim Garraud (photo courtesy of Martell Malaysia)
Joachim Garraud (photo courtesy of Martell Malaysia)


DJ and producer Joachim Garraud is no stranger to Asia and Malaysia, and treated the partygoers with his signature space invaders theme song along with a wide range of music from electro-house to techno.

“I really love coming to Asia because for me the Asian audience is one of the best in the world. They really appreciate good music and they love to party. I always get excited performing in Asia because I simply love the energy here!” enthused Joachim Garraud.


Celebrity Josiah Mizukami with his friends
Celebrity Josiah Mizukami with his friends


“The La French Touch party is a way for us to bring the art of French living to Kuala Lumpur in line with Martell’s brand messaging. The La French Touch concept aims to expand the brand reach by offering a curated experience for the new generation who celebrate life through exhilarating music, spectacular parties and elegant cocktails. Similar to our other offerings at Martell, our goal is to share quality products that can be enjoyed in a myriad of pleasurable moments,” shared Emmanuel Dokhelar, Marketing Director of Pernod Ricard Malaysia.

“The treatment and details created by Etienne de Crécy for the La French Touch bottle will be recreated throughout the event from the ambience, to the food and cocktails and especially in the music,” he added.

Also at the party were former Miss Universe Malaysia, Nadine Ann Thomas; former Miss World Malaysia, Thanuja Ananthan: Miss Tourism Malaysia, Gabriella Robinson, Astro SuperSports host Jun Yong and Japanese American actor Josiah Mizukami, to name a few. As event partners, Mercedes-Benz also showcased several of their CLA250 with illuminated neon lights at the venue.




For more info, head over to


Photo credits: Pernod Ricard Malaysia, Andy Kho ( and Tim Chew (

DEFINE ‘Redefining Your Senses’ Party at Zebra Square 2020



The last time we attended a DEFINE party back in June 2012 where we enjoyed myself with the contrasting experiences (you can read about that here –

Because of the memories of the previous party we were quite excited to attend this one which was entitled DEFINE ‘Redefining Your Senses’, held at Zebra Square KL on 13 April 2013.

DEFINE’s events are tailored to deliver extraordinary experiences that excite, inspire and amaze, and aims to provide avenues for invited guests to experience DEFINE’s profound passion for quality and the finer things in life.


There were two (2) areas and this was the main hall which was transformed into a futuristic white wonderland
Thanks to the nice folks at DEFINE we got a nice VIP table close to the front. Good thing we got there early as the place started to fill up before long.
English vocalist Tara McDonald who has been described as a “tigress on stage” previously collaborated with David Guetta, Axwell, and Armand Van Helden rocked the stage with her dance tunes.
Australian DJ, model, producer and TV personality Emily Scott