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MHB sent over our bloggers Nicole Fu, Angelica Tan and Jenny Ma to the launch of the new revamped Triumph boutique in Mid Valley Megamall on 28 April 2016. Triumph has been in Malaysia for over 43 years, and the global lingerie brand revamped its look with a new brand logo that emphasizes femininity and strength, solidifying its position as the leader in intimate apparel.

The event kicked off with an opening dance performance that represented sensuality and femininity, followed by the unveiling of its new boutique window which showcased its latest campaign visuals.  We were then welcomed to take a closer look of the new revamped boutique.


MHB's Jenny Ma and Nicole Fu
MHB’s Jenny Ma and Nicole Fu


Ms. Shoo Hue Ping, Triumph’s Brand Manager addressed the guests about Triumph’s Find the One Again campaign. Triumph is on a mission to help women find the right size bra. Triumph wants women to stop compromising on finding the right fit.  Therefore, Triumph is once again emphasizing on its “Find The One Again” campaign. Women can definitely find that perfect fit, style and comfort that they are looking for all this while with Triumph. With a vast variety to offer Triumph is sure to find the one for each and every woman that walks in for a fitting.

To inaugurate the momentous occasion a spectacular fashion show was held showcasing different styles and collection that Triumph has to offer.

Triumph boutique Mid Valley (15)


Also seen at the glamorous event were celebrities – Amber Chia, Carey Ng and Patricia K.

Triumph boutique Mid Valley (16)


Here’s a look at the newly renovated store in Mid Valley.

Triumph boutique Mid Valley (3)

Triumph boutique Mid Valley (4)


Being the only European lingerie maker that tailors specifically to the needs of the Asian body structure and wearing preferences, Triumph constantly showcases strong commitment as the world’s leading lingerie brand and the tailoress that emphasizes on bringing the best quality, superb craftsmanship and innovative range that’s at the cutting edge of fashion

Every year Triumph continues to re-define the lingerie industry and exceed consumer expectations with its tireless efforts in lingerie innovation. This year Triumph’s most successful launch is the Magic Spacer, the first lingerie of its kind that offers the lightest, most airy experience ever. The delightful fresh collection has already garnered a huge number of fans with its uplifting magic design that provides all the capacity of a padded bra without the weight.

Triumph is also highlighting its couture collection, embellished with dazzling Swarovski Crystals elements over delicate mesh fabric with lovely lace trims; Essence by Triumph is an alluring collection that offers beauty, passion and desire that caresses your senses. Triumph delivers an exquisite lingerie range that boasts European heritage and expertise but yet made to fit the Asian body frame after years of understanding the Asian consumers.


Photos courtesy of Triumph Malaysia.

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Moto 360 (2nd Generation) Launched in Malaysia

[Tech & Gadgets]

Spotted at the launch was Miss Universe Malaysia Carey Ng, and DJ Patricia K with host of the event Julie Woon


Lenovo Malaysia launched the new range of Moto 360 (2nd Gen) in Malaysia on 18 February 2016 with a fashion show at Mid Valley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur. The Moto 360 is a customisable and versatile smart timepiece which comes in the classic designed Moto 360 (2nd Gen), and the Moto 360 Sport Edition – a fitness training watch.


The classic and timeless design of the new Moto 360 was designed around the user and has been refined with countless design possibilities to suit various taste. The Moto 360’s case design now features lugs specifically tailored for men and women, and polished bezels in new styles. You can easily swap between leather and metal bands with new quick-release bands to match your look for the day. There are two (2) case sizes and women can get a 42mm case for a sleeker and more elegant look while men can opt for the 46mm version..



The new Moto 360 Sport edition is designed to give you training information without you having to bring your phone on a run. Moto 360 Sport edition features on-board GPS to track your speed, distance and pace. It also features Motorola’s AnyLight hybrid display, a new technology LCD display that combines a traditional backlit transmissive screen with a front lit reflective technology. Moto 360 Sport can switch between the two modes based on the lighting conditions.

The watch is also built to IP67 standards and withstands immersion in up to 3 feet of freshwater for up to 30 minutes. However it is not designed to work while submerged underwater and should not use while swimming.


Popular Instagrammers Miko Wong and Leng Sean
Popular Instagrammers Miko Wong and Leng Sean

Popular Instagrammers Apple Tan and Simone
Popular Instagrammers Apple Tan and Simone

Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers arranged the celebrities gracing the event and should you require our services you can email me at
Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers arranged the celebrities gracing the event and should you require our services you can email Tim Chew, Managing Editor of Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers at

Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers also arranged for the social media influencers to attend the launch. Here I am with Leng Sean, Miko Wong, Stephanie Lim and Apple Tan.
Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers also arranged for the social media influencers to attend the launch. Here is Tim Chew, Managing Editor of Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers with Leng Sean, Miko Wong, Stephanie Lim and Apple Tan.




Both the Moto 360 (2nd Gen) and the Moto 360 Sport edition were built to recognise gestures – Ambient Mode keeps the display on constantly to help you to keep track of your notifications without having to check your smartphone multiple times. You can also get notifications and important information at a glance and respond to messages with your voice. The notifications are customisable through the settings to ensure you get the notifications and info that you want.

Built-in to both watches is Moto Body, a health and wellness app that uses accurate sensors in the watch to track your heart rate and the calories you burn. The app provides valuable feedback and coaching to help you track your fitness with the step counter and pedometer.






“Today’s society is always-on. We are constantly in touch and connected with one another. While we love our phones, we are still looking for an intuitive device that complements our desire to stay connected, while at the same time allowing us the freedom to disconnect. Moto 360 is the perfect device which will enable us to make time for ourselves, and stay connected at the same time,” said Foo Mun Yee, Country Manager, Smartphone, Lenovo Malaysia.

Both the Moto 360 and the Moto 360 Sport Edition variants are compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones running Android 4.3+ or iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus with iOS 8.2+. Features may vary between Android and iOS platforms.

All four Moto 360 variants are available now at SenQ, Urban Republic and Thunder Match stores nationwide, as well as online at Lazada Malaysia at the recommended retails price listed below:

●       42mm Women’s Rose Gold – RM 1,499

●       42mm Unisex’s in Black – RM1,399

●       46mm Men’s in Silver – RM1,599

●       Moto 360 Sport in Black – RM1,399

For more info, head over to


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Photo credits: Andy Kho Photography and MHB’s own