NanoMD Bright – Protect, Repair, and Brighten Your Skin


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Most of the talents we work with are constantly pursuing a bright and glowing complexion as appearance is an essential aspect of being an influencer these days. Therefore, we were very excited to have an exclusive afternoon tea with NanoMD® Bright – the world’s latest and most advanced supplement for skin protection, nutrition and brightening.

NanoMD® Bright is a skin whitening tablet developed in Boston, USA by multi-disciplinary team of world-class researchers and developers. Clinical studies on this new discovery were published in 2018 prestigious clinical research journals. The NanoMD® Bright represents the cutting-edge scientific discovery in nutrition and nano technology in a one-tablet-a-day form.

It is the most powerful supplement that is able to add years of healthy, glowing skin, utilizing nano technologies that radically improves its skin brightening potential.

NanoMD® Bright was clinically proven to regenerate and thus maintain levels of collagen, and support the overall condition of blood vessels. Blood vessels remain supple and flexible which allows for nutrients to reach the organs keeping them healthy.



To enhance the effectiveness of NanoMD Bright, do also ensure that you get a good daily supply of Vitamin C from natural fruits such as grapefruits or even from Vitamin C supplements as the body does not produce or store it.


A qualified doctor shared with us regarding the benefits of NanoMD Bright from a clinical perspective
And answered the questions we had regarding the usage, and how to effectively use the product by consuming Vitamin C at the same time
One of the consumers of NanoMD Bright was also there to share her positive experience with the supplement. She saw the results within a month and is very satisfied with the products.
To enhance the effectiveness of NanoMD Bright, you get a good daily supply of Vitamin C from natural fruits or even from Vitamin C supplements


The product will be available in Malaysia in 2019. This product is NOT available online. Use of the product is protected by one or more U.S. and other international patents. It is available only through physician offices and a consultation with physician may be necessary to evaluate whether you may benefit from the use of this novel product.


NanoMD® Bright is available in Malaysia and Singapore, exclusively at selected prestigious esthetic clinics below:


Sliq Clinic – (Malaysia)

The Retreat Clinic – (Malaysia)

Alainn Clinic – (Malaysia)

SHENS Clinic – (Singapore)

TES Clinic  – (Singapore)


Keep in mind that the safety of supplements in pregnant women, nursing mothers, children, and those with medical conditions or who are taking medications has not been established. And hence do consult your doctor.


For more info, head over to





Canmake Tokyo x Torikin x MHB Digital Influencer Dinner

[Beauty x Dining]


MHB Digital had an exclusive influencer dinner in partnership with Canmake Tokyo and Torikin at J’s Gate Dining, Lot 10 on 21st November 2018. The dinner was a good opportunity for our influencers to make new friends, and familiarise themselves with the new range of Canmake Tokyo products while enjoying some delicious Japanese fare by Torikin.

Nicholle Liew, Marketing Manager of Teeni Enterprise (the official and sole importer/ distributor of Canmake Tokyo products in Malaysia) shared with us that Canmake Tokyo has been in the market for 33 years and has consistently enjoyed tremendous popularity with its range of petite-price cosmetics that takes the effort out of looking pretty and fashionable.

Canmake has been in Malaysian market for 13 years with Teeni Enterprise and has since expanded and is currently available at over 150 points of sales (both offline and online) which includes Sasa, Aeon Wellness, Guardian, Aeon Departmental Store, Hermo – Online Beauty Shop, Play-Up by Parkson and Ourshop by Airasia. In 2017, Teeni Enterprise opened the first Canmake stand-alone store in Malaysia located in Damen Mall in USJ Subang.

Canmake Tokyo products are designed in petite sizes for convenience to bring around even in the smallest cosmetic pouch, or to easily fit in a handbag. The products are manufactured to the quality, made only with finest ingredients. Although the products are of high quality, Canmake’s products come with affordable price point, and are priced from RM31.90 to RM86.70 in Malaysia.



Among the products that we got to try were the:


Marshmallow Finish Base O (Oil-Block)

  • Creates marshmallow-soft, supremely touchable matte skin without feeling heavy and cakiness.
  • Makes pores less noticeable and smoothing out uneven skin texture.
  • Offers outstanding coverage to conceal skin concerns, despite its lightweight texture.
  • Non-greasy. Formulated to minimize shine, with a high proportion of low-refractive-index ingredients and an enhanced soft-focus effect.


Creamy Touch Liner – 1.5mm hyper-slim gel eyeliner

Soft, super-smooth tip

  • Glides easily onto your eyelids! The tip is formulated to be kind to your eyelids.

1.5mm hyper-slim tip

  • With such a slim tip, drawing ultra-fine lines and filling in the gaps between lashes is simplicity itself

Bold, rich colour

  • Provides perfect color with just one application, so there’s no need to go over the line again.
  • Rich color that’s just glossy enough to make your eyes stand out!

Long-lasting gel eyeliner

  • Once dry, the gel eyeliner clings to your lids and won’t smudge a bit!
  • Waterproof formulation, resistant to water, sweat, tears, and sebum.
  • Stands up to rubbing, so your make-up stays looking as fresh as it did when you first applied it.
  • Contains beautifying (moisturizing) ingredients – Squalane, jojoba seed oil, macadamia seed oil, sodium hyaluronate


Juicy Lady Liquid Cheek

Juicy color that seems to burst out from within. Fruity natural-looking color creates a lusciously translucent glow.

  • Buildable finish and easy to blend.
  • Formula designed for staying power without stickiness
  • Waterproof formulation resistant to water (cheeks only)

Long-lasting tint formulation. The color progressively develops as time goes by.

  • Non-sticky formula, so it melts into your skin right away.

Two-way formulation that you can use on your lips too!

  • You can use it on both your cheeks and your lips
  • Use on lips for matte lip color

Contains beautifying and moisturizing agents

  • Sodium hyaluronate, honey, rosemary leaf extract, soluble collagen, Rosa multiflora fruit extract, olive fruit oil, squalane, chamomile flower extract, artichoke leaf extract, arnica flower extract, pomegranate flower extract



Lip Tint Matte

Long-lasting tinted formulation that provides a fadiant matte lip color with a true-colour finish.

True-color matte finish

  • The smooth lip cream spreads easily on lips.
  • Creates rich matte lips with a true-color finish that looks just like the shade in the tube.
  • Firm tip makes the perfect sharp lip line simple!
  • Dries quickly without stickiness straight after application, so you can enjoy beautiful lip make-up without worrying about hair or clothing fibers sticking to your lips.

Minimizes the dryness characteristically caused by typical matte lip colors

  • Contains 10 moisturizing agents to minimize the drying effects.

Choose between full matte and soft matte effects by varying the amount

  • Apply lip cream generously for a full matte intensity or use just a little for a soft matte look!


Perfect Stylist Eyes

Get two styles with one pallet only!

Moist powder for a perfect fit.

  • A moist-buttery powder formulation.
  • Fine, smooth particles that cling to your lids without powder fall outs.

Create 2 different make-up looks suited to any occasion!

  • Choose your main color and alternate between the two styles, depending on your mood

Featuring 1 shimmer color

  • Use the shimmer last to add accent to the eye for more dimensional eye makeup


Transparent Finish Powder

For translucent makeup with a soft luster like an exquisite pearl, brightens the complexion from within. A face powder ideal for finishing your foundation or touching up your make-up. Combines three shades to give your skin an irrisistable aura.

Smooth finish powder with brightening effect

  • Get soft, luster, and translucent skin with smooth powder like silk and delicate pearl.
  • Hides pores and colour correcting
  • Formulated to prevent shine, dullness, or make-up run due to dryness
  • Contains shine-inhibiting powder. Absorbs sebum to prevent shine, stickiness, and make-up run.

Contains natural mineral ingredients, can wash-off with just face wash

  • Contains natural mineral ingredients that are gentle on your skin.
  • Need not makeup remover to remove product – your usual facial cleanser will be fine!
  • Surfactant-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free

Contains 11 types of beauty ingredient to prevent skin dryness and chapping

Beautifying and moisturizing agents

  • ● aloe vera leaf extract, rosemary extract, chamomile extract, lemon extract, hydrolyzed conchiolin (pearl protein extract)

Skin-toning agents

  • ● horse chestnut extract, perilla leaf extract

Emollient agents – squalane, olive oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil

  • Comes with a mirror and a puff
  • Contains natural mineral ingredients
  • Beautifying and moisturizing agents
  • No need to use a specialist cleanser


Velvety Fit Colours

Combines the advantages of a cream and a powder single-shade shadows for enchanting eyelids

Eyeshadow cream with dewy finish

  • Glides smoothly onto your finger just like a cream eyeshadow should. Just apply it onto your lids gently with your finger and it’ll cling firmly to your eyelids. (Contains Fitting Oil)

Velvety finish, like a powder

  • Despite the dewy texture, it quickly transforms into powder once applied onto eyelids.

It contains spherical powder, creating a lightweight finish that won’t feel  sticky or uncomfortable on your eyelids.

  • Despite the velvety-smooth finish, it clings tightly to your lids without powder fall outs, keeping your eyelids looking beautiful for hours!

Soft color for sophisticated eyelids

  • The gentle finish creates eyelids with a sophisticated sexiness.
  • Despite the soft shading, these colors still make their presence felt, giving your eyes added impact even when used alone.

Enjoy the differences in color intensity and shimmer between each shade

  • Each shade has a different color intensity and level of pearliness, have fun with not only the differences in color, but also your whole make-up look

Contains beautifying/ moisturizing ingredients

  • Squalane, jojoba seed oil, macadamia seed oil, sodium hyaluronate


Chef Koichi of Torikin in action at the grill preparing the yakitori

Based in Fukuoka, Torikin at J’s Gate Dining in Lot 10 Shopping Centre Kuala Lumpur has its roots in “Toricho,” a renowned restaurant in Roppongi, Ginza, Tokyo. Torikin inherited the tradition and history of Toricho, as well as its sauce that has been passed down for 60 years. Using only fresh ingredients and an original blended seasoning, Torikin’s yakitori brings out the best taste in its skewers, while keeping them simple.

Tanbakuromame kuriimu chiizu (on the left)

Sweet Black Bean Cream Cheese accompanied with crackers

A little East meets West starter here – with the creamy black bean cream cheese served with crackers! Not your typical Japanese starter but nonetheless delicious!

Yodare Dori (on the bottom)

Boiled Chicken Breast with Spicy Sesame Sauce

Boiled chicken breast is usually quite dry and tasteless however we were immensely surprised by the juicy tenderness of this one which was topped with a spicy sesame sauce!



Tori Soboro Don

Minced Chicken on rice

A very filling dish indeed topped with a beautifully cooked egg. Break the yolk into the rich and minced meat and combine for a rich and savoury main dish that’s really filling enough on its own!


Yakitori Set – 4 types of assorted yakitori

Four (4) different types of freshly grilled yakitori that really hit the mark! Goes great with some Japanese beer or whisky highball!



Matcha Tiramisu

Creamy Greentea Tiramisu

Torikin’s signature and very popular dessert which was a wonderful blend of matcha atop creamy tiramisu! Some of our influencers even had second helpings as it was that delicious!


Mitarashi Dango

Grilled Japanese Shiratama served with Sweet sauce and cream

Lovely sweet mochi grilled and served with cream – rich, chewy and sweet at the same time! A truly decadent end to a wonderful Japanese meal!


Group pic of us with Nicholle Liew, Marketing Manager of Teeni Malaysia, Koichi-san of Torikin, Yanase-san and Sharyn from J’s Gate Dining


For more info, head over to:

Canmake Tokyo: or or


MHB Digital:


Torikin is located at:

J’s Gate Dining

Unit P1-15, Level 4, Lot 10 Shopping Center,

Jalan Sultan Ismail,

50250 Kuala Lumpur,



Thanks for having us!

Canmake Fun Fair 2018


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We recently attended the Canmake Tokyo Fun Fair 2018 which was held at the ALYA International Gallery in Kuala Lumpur. Canmake has been in the market for 33 years and has consistently enjoyed tremendous popularity with its range of petite-price cosmetics that takes the effort out of looking pretty and fashionable.

Canmake has been in Malaysian market for 13 years with Teeni Enterprise as the brand’s sole importer and distributor in Malaysia since its debut. The brand has since expanded and is available at over 150 points of sales which includes Sasa, Aeon Wellness, Guardian, Aeon Departmental Store, Hermo – Online Beauty Shop, Play-Up by Parkson and Ourshop by Airasia. In 2017, Teeni Enterprise opened the first Canmake stand-alone store in Malaysia located in Damen Mall in USJ Subang.

Canmake Tokyo products are designed in petite sizes for convenience to bring around even in the smallest cosmetic pouch, or to easily fit in a handbag. The products are manufactured to the quality, made only with finest ingredients. Although the products are of high quality, Canmake’s products come with affordable price point, and are priced from RM31.90 to RM86.70 in Malaysia.


The event was held at the ALYA International Gallery in Bukit Kiara which was transformed into a “fun fair”
Vending machine where we could get our Canmake goodies!
The claw machine was a big hit with the guests!
Joey successfully managed to grab an item!
The spin the wheel game drew lots of ooohs and ahhhs from punters!
Candy floss!
Mr. Ron Tay, the Executive Director of Teeni Enterprise Sdn Bhd giving his welcome address
Kaori Anzai – Overseas Dales Deputy Manager (right) and Yuko Fujime – Overseas Sales Chief (left) sharing some info on the new range of products
Makeup Artist Shiyojoo giving a tutorial



Our influencers with Nicholle Liew – Marketing Manager of Teeni Enterprise


For more info, head over to or or

Photo credits: Andy Kho Photography for Canmake Malaysia and MHB’s own


One more pic this time with our Managing Editor Tim Chew as well. Thanks for having us!


Joseristine Product Launch and Lunch with MHB Digital

[Beauty & Grooming]


MHB Digital ( recently organised a product launch and lunch for Joseristine with some of the country’s top beauty and lifestyle social media influencers and bloggers at Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Joseristine is a Hong Kong-based skincare brand established since 1995 by Choi Fung Hong. With the launch, the brand is now available in Malaysia and can be purchased online.

Their flagship product in Malaysia – the Joseristine Anti-Pollution Whitening Mask, is rich in chitosan – a type of sugar extracted from the outer skeleton of shellfish including crab, lobster and shrimp.

Besides the hydrating function, chitosan also helps in the absorption of heavy metals, provides UV protection, has antibacterial properties and is biodegradable.



The product consists of 2 parts – the mask sheet in the cup and a bottle of the essence. Prior to applying, simply pour the essence into the cup (with the mask inside) and shake it well.

Main ingredients of the Whitening Anti-Pollution Essence:

  • Fermented Yeast Extract – hydrating, soothing, anti-wrinkles, removes dark spot, firming.
  • Brown Rice Vinegar – whitening.
  • Natural Herbal Extract – soothing and resists sensitive.
  • Marine Matrix – hydrating and stimulates collagen growth.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – lasting moisture for the skin.


5-in-1 Potent Results:

  • Detox – helps clear pollutants from skin by removing make up residues and dirt.
  • Whitening – helps reduce skin melanin production and dullness for rejuvenated, bright skin.
  • Hydrating – natural potent moisturizers increase skin’s moisture level.
  • Minimizing pores – helps minimize pores and enhances the elasticity for soft, smooth and hydrated skin.
  • Anti-oxidant – potent repairing and anti-oxidants enhances firmness and delays skin aging.


Nadia Heng, Miss World Malaysia 2010 was a guest of honour at the launch



To purchase or for more info, head over to


THE FACE SHOP Miracle Finish Cushions & Moisture Touch Lipstick



Our girls have been having a wonderful time trying out the new range of Miracle Finish Cushions and Moisture Touch Lipsticks from THE FACE SHOP. The brand originates from Korea and is a leading global cosmetic retail brand in the upper value segment offering more than 1,000 lavish products for facial and body skin care, cosmetic, hair and aromatherapy. THE FACE SHOP products are inspired by nature, and the brand is recognized as one of the fastest growing global brands, with more than 1,700 stores in 34 countries worldwide.

THE FACE SHOP Miracle Finish cushions now comes in new packaging and is available in 6 types for different functions namely:

Oil Control Water Cushion – prevent makeup from clumping with sebum control and matte finish to maintains refreshing, bright complexion suitable for oily or combination skin

CC Intense Cover Cushion – contains 7 types of flower oils and extract for making dry skin dewy and radiant and make your skin look perfectly flawless with high coverage

CC Ultra Moist Cushion – deeply moisturizing effect that gives a dewy and glowing effect. It covers fine lines for smooth skin and gives natural glow to the skin.

CC Cooling Cushion – great moisture function with cooling effect to give the skin an instant moisture recharge that is dry from the heat and it is long-lasting + light weight.

CC Long Lasting Cushion – contains primer that makes the skin smoother and long-lasting. It comes in handy if you are looking for a cushion that stays the same even with frequent retouching.

BB Power Perfection Cushion – contains moisturizing and regenerating ingredients that helps to maintain skin elasticity and strong coverage to hide blemishes with matt finish. An alternative for you for easy to carry and to apply if you have been a frequent user of The Face Shop Power Perfection BB Cream. 

They are priced at RM104.83 while the refill is RM62.43 (inclusive of GST).


THE FACE SHOP’s new Moisture Touch Lipstick comes in 20 different shades, and provides three (3) kinds of layering effects.

1. Moisturising layer that replenishes the lip barrier – Serum formula with 10% Squalene adds rich moisture to apply more for dewy plump lips.

2. Vivid colour layering without any clumping – High density colour compact system for more vivid, richer colours with every coat of lipstick.

3. Glossy layering like getting a clear coating – Softly applies and smoothly conditions the lips for glossy, wrinkle-free lips.


Did you know that there are seven (7) Timeless Lipstick Looks?

Coral Lip

Tired of pink and orange lips? Feeling like wearing bright yet still natural lips? The sweet coral hue that lies between peach and orange is the colour just for you. Coral lips for hitting the beach, friend’s wedding, or just a casual walk by the street, flatter your lips with the Moisture Touch Lipstick sweet coral.


Is Orange The New Red?

Orange is no longer a summer shade nor is it a shade that replaces red. It is a flattering hue for diverse skin tones that is a steady colour for all seasons. Discover your own orange shade and pair it with a peachy blush that will warm up the cold season. You can also go bold with a pop of orange lip look and you will surely be remembered as the beach girl always, in style.


Pink Soul Mate

From nude, baby to hot pink, have you found your pink soul mate yet? Discover the right pink shade for you with the Moisture Touch Lipstick that has four different pink shades to choose from. Pink lip inspired makeup looks such as MLBB (my lips but better) using a nude pink shade or ‘dry rose lip makeup lip’ have now become a daily look. Find your shade and own it!


Classic Red Lips

The signature classic red colour that never go out of style is here to stay for good…planning for that night out with your girl friends? Not sure what makeup to wear on that first date? No need to worry, find your favourite shade of red from the Moisture Touch Lipstick line for a look you can wear all season long.


Wearable Shades of Purple

Usually when we think of purple lips, we tend to think of an edgy colour that seems too striking to pull off for some. Why not try the Moisture Touch Lipstick that has two wearable shades of purple. Try pairing the two shades to create a plum colour of your own.


90’s Brown Lip Revival

Recall those days back in the 90’s when brown lipstick was not the alternative but the shade of the day. The one and only brown shade from the Moisture Touch Lipstick range, BR01 City Brown is a shade you will not regret using for during Fall/ Winter. This brown shade can be paired with any classic outfit.


Natural Lips With Beige

Not sure what lip colour to wear? Swipe on a beige toned nude lipstick to create an effortless look for everyday wear. Find the nude shade that flatters your skin tone. The Moisture Touch Lipstick comes in three shades to choose from. Warm up your complexion with these shades this season!


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Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but lipsticks & cc cooling cushion runs a close second. A flawless lipstick look can give you a major power-woman confidence boost , but nothing quite kills that vibe like a dry, flakey pout staring back at you in the mirror after a few hours of wear. @thefaceshopmalaysia 's moisture touch lipsticks help keeping my pucker moisturized all day long ! The CC ultra moist cushion is a life-saver for girls who works in the air-conditioning office like me. Price : Moisture Touch Lipstick : RM 63.49 . Miracle Finish Cushion : RM 104.83 . #moisturetouchlipsticks #miraclefinish #mycushion #thefaceshopmalaysia #beautyblog #lipstick #foundation #cosmetics #makeup #makeuptutorial @thefaceshopmalaysia

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In Malaysia, THE FACE SHOP currently has a total 51 outlets in both East and West Malaysia, located at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Mid Valley Megamall Kuala Lumpur, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, The Curve, Sunway Pyramid, Aeon Cheras Selatan Shopping Centre, Aeon Bukit Tinggi Klang, Paradigm Mall, Nu Sentral , Sunway Putra, 101 Putrajaya, KL Festival Mall, Quill City Mall, Aeon Maluri, The Mines, Setia City Mall, Empire Gallery, Berjaya Times Square, Gurney Plaza Penang, Queensbay Mall Penang, Aeon Bukit Mertajam, Sunway Carnival Penang, Sg Petani Lagenda Village Mall, Aeon Taiping, Taiping Mall, Aeon Sri Manjung,  Aman Sentral Alor Setar, Ipoh Kinta City, Aeon Station 18, Ipoh, Aeon Kota Bahru, Mahkota Parade Melaka, Aeon Melaka, KB Mall Kelantan, Mentakab Star Mall Pahang, Palm Mall Seremban, East Coast Mall Kuantan, Aeon Tebrau Johor, City Square Johor, Aeon Bukit Indah Johor, KSL City Johor, Kluang Mall Johor, Batu Pahat Johor, Aeon Kulaijaya Johor, , Bintang Miri Sarawak, Oceanus Kota Kinabalu, Times Square Kota Kinabalu, The Spring Kuching and 1 Borneo Kota Kinabalu.

For more information, head over to or

MHB Christmas Party 2016

[Special Event]


Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers had our Christmas Party at Gobo Upstairs Lounge & Grill at Traders Hotel in an event held in partnership with Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur as well as Calvin Klein fragrances and Kerastase.


The venue was the private room in Gobo Upstairs Lounge & Grill, Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur

The beautiful table decor added to the mood of the afternoon!

A delicious high-tea spread awaited us on the tiered trays as well as a small buffet!

Spicy Sharon enjoying her food!


Many thanks to our two product sponsors for the event – Calvin Klein fragrances and Kerastase.

The girls were thrilled to receive the products!


Endless Euphoria Calvin Klein is a feminine, fruity, floral fragrance that is refreshingly light and radiant. Endless Euphoria Calvin Klein translates the provocative fantasy of the iconic Euphoria fragrance into a sunlit daydream filled with cherry blossoms and an air of sheer sensuality.

This latest addition to the Euphoria family opens with an intoxicating breeze of cherry blossoms, tipped with refreshing mandarin and bergamot. the heart blooms with beguiling floral notes of violet, pastel rose and syringa. at the base, bamboo, sandalwood, and bare musk exude a dream-like seduction.

Fragrance Notes

Top: cherry blossom, mandarin, bergamot

Mid: violet, pastel rose accord, syringa

Dry: bamboo, sandalwood, bare musk accord


The original Euphoria bottle design reinterpreted with a refreshing new lightness, while embracing its original, sensuous curves. exuding a delicate blush-peach hue and soft pink juice. The translucent glass bottle takes on a taller, softly-rounded silhouette, giving the effect of a sheer and weightless aesthetic with an infinitely polished look. The rectangular cap features clean, architectural lines in a new rose gold cast, while a lavender dip tube adds an unexpectedly modern finishing touch.

The outer carton is an elegant and fresh interpretation of the classic Euphoria box, designed with a gradient from warm peach to light lavender. a softly curved petal completes the feminine design.

The Endless Euphoria Calvin Klein line is currently available at most major departmental stores and specialty shops in Malaysia with the eau de parfum spray priced at:

  • 1.4oz/40ml – RM225
  • 2.5oz/75ml – RM339
  • 4.2oz/125ml – RM419


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If you're happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it😁 The gift of intense nourishment @kerastase_official the limited edition full size set that provides optimal nutrition without weighing down hair 💁🏼 🎁Gift set contains : 🔸cleanse : Bain Satin 2, 250ml moisturizing shampoo 🔸 treat : Lait Vital, 200ml restoring conditioner 🔸 Prime : Nectar Thermique ,150ml thermo-protective blow dry primer ♥️my favorite 😍 . . . Thank you Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers @timchew1311 for the marvelous treat ! 📷 by @andykho #kerastase #giftset #christmas #christmasgift #hair #optimalnutrition #ootd #flyingindance #malaysiahottestbloggers #lifestyleblogger #christmas2016 #kerastasemy #mhbchristmasparty

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Receive a free Kerastase Texturiser when purchase a set of Kerastase 3-step hair care ritual from any Kerastase Authorised Salons in Malaysia (while stocks last).

For the full list of participating salons, head over to


Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur also prepared a beautiful cake to mark our anniversary which we celebrated in November

The photos were shot by our official photographer and founding member Andy Kho (


Gobo Upstairs Lounge & Grill is located on the 6th floor of:

Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur City Centre,

50088 Kuala Lumpur,





Operation Hours (Lounge): 10:00am to 1:00am

Operation Hours (Grill):        

LUNCH: 12:00pm to 2:30pm Monday to Friday

DINNER : 6:30pm to 10:30pm daily (10:15pm – last order)

Reservations (Gobo Upstairs): 603 2332 9910

Hotel’s Telephone: 603-23329888



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at MHB!

Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers’ 5th Anniversary Party

[Special Event]


Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers celebrated our 6th anniversary with a get-together at 8 Gourmets Gala (EGG) in Pinacle Sunway in an event which was supported by Estee Lauder, Sally Hansen, Cotton On, AD Time, Carlsberg Malaysia and EGG. EGG is a unique open concept dining experience consisting of eight (8) different eateries and bars under one roof – Caffeinees (homegrown cafe), Hook & Cook (marketplace – inspired western seafood restaurant), Malt Berry Apes (wine cellar and whiskey bar), Yi (Gourmet Kitchen), Hakka Crab (premium hawker delights), Chiyo Sushi (authentic Japanese cuisine), Nibbles (soup, salad and sandwich bar) and Confessions of Lady Laura (dessert haven).


Many thanks to our various sponsors – Estee Lauder, Sally Hansen, Cotton On, AD Time, Carlsberg Malaysia and EGG

Refreshing Somersby Cider and Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc to go with the delicious high-tea spread provided by EGG


When Estée Lauder first launched their Night Repair in 1982, they were the first cosmetic company to use a pharmacy-inspired brown bottle to reinforce the product’s serious skin care sentiment. The iconic “little brown bottle” with the apothecary dropper would go on to become a staple in many women’s cosmetics cabinets all around the world.

The original Night Repair formula was the first serum ever created, and the first skincare product to use Hyaluronic Acid. Everything about the original Night Repair formula was unique – the texture, the formula, the technology – and remains so to this very day

The new Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II formula has 25+ patents and patents-pending worldwide, making it so revolutionary, it is patented until 2021.

Today, the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair (ANR) is one of the best-selling, best-performing products in Estée Lauder history, with ANR being Estée Lauder’s number one repair serum, with approximately 9 bottles of ANR are sold every minute.

For more info, head over to



The Sally Hansen “Royal Splendor” Miracle Gel™ Collection introduces three (3) new monarch-magnificent shades to the Miracle Gel™ lineup. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel™ will keep your manicure looking majestic with up to 14 days of colour and shine. The revolutionary, #1 zero light gel manicure system has seven (7) new hues in its “Royal Splendor” collection. 

The “Royal Splendor” collection features three new regal shades:

  • Regal Rosé Wine and dine — or let them eat cake — in a sparkling pale peony
  • Off with her Red! Hold court with this vibrant, true red
  • Prince Char-mint A refreshingly Versailles-worthy pale verdant hue

When applied over the Miracle Gel™ shades, the Miracle Gel™ Top Coat volumizes as it protects, making it more chip-resistant than regular nail polish. Once applied, this gel top coat provides a high-gloss finish and mirror shine – providing the look of a gel manicure at home, without the trip to a salon.

Miracle Gel’s two-step application is super-simple:

  1. First, apply two thin coats of Miracle Gel™ colour to clean, bare nails.
  2. Then, apply one coat of the Miracle Gel™ Top Coat.

Natural light cures the polish, yielding a manicure that resembles a UV / LED cured gel polish. It removes easily with regular nail polish remover.

The new Miracle Gel™ “Royal Splendor” shades comes with the Recommended Retail Price of RM36.90 and are available from December 2016 onwards at selected Watsons, Guardian, Sasa Malaysia, Caring and Parkson.



In 25 years, the Cotton On Group has grown to become Australia’s largest value fashion group, with seven brands in 18 countries across the world, driven by a team of over 20,000 passionate people, and growing.

Cotton On stores in Malaysia are located at:

Avenue K, Pavilion KL, The Curve, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Paradigm Mall, Setia City Mall, 1Borneo Hypermall, Johor Premium Outlet, KLCC, Sunway Pyramid and Cheras Sentral.

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AD Time presented each of our influencers with a beautiful and elegant Esprit timepiece which comes in rose gold, is made from stainless steel, and is water-resistant. The timepiece is versatile enough to match a variety of outfits – from smart casual to something a little more formal.

Esprit timepieces are distributed by AD Time and for more info, head over to or


Photos shot by our official photographer and founding member Andy Kho (

Here’s to another great give years!


8 Gourmets Gala is located at:

Suite G-01, Ground Floor, Pinnacle Annexe,

Persiaran Lagoon, Bandar Sunway,

47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.



Telephone: 017-948 8684


Business Hours: Daily from 11.00am to 1.00am